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  • Synergistic Research MiG

  • Valvet tube preamp blocks L2

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  • Welcome to the July 2010 edition of the highend-electronics Newsletter!

    The California Audio Show will take place on the weekend of July 30th until Auguest 1st at the Hilton Garden Inn San Francisco. Besides Consensus Audio loudspeakers (Austria) we will also showcase KR Audio Kronzilla tube amps (Czech Republic) alternating with VALVET amps (Germany). We will also be showcasing cables from Silencable (Germany), the world's first true liquid cables by Audio Magic (USA) and vibration control by the indispensable Alto-Extremo absorber feet (Germany).

    Superb music deserves a superb listening experience... and of course, you will hear lots of superb music in Room 1114. We're looking forward to seeing you at the CAS 2010! The first ten customers who want to visit can request free tickets for the show for the entire weekend from us - just write us an email .

    We received a great new review "Giant Killers" for our VALVET blocks A3.5 monos and soulshine tube preamp.

    Key Kim for The Stereo Times (June 2010):
    "...from the very first notes on the very first album, it was obvious that the Valvet combo was something special. In our age of hyper-priced imported components, itís not just good sounding (even at just over $11k). The Valvet components are the real deal regardless of price...."

    "They are giant-killers in that they provide the ultimate musical bliss without breaking oneís bank account. If you're looking for that really great sounding system that isn't stratospherically priced, then look no further than Valvet..."

    Read the entire review on: The Stereo Times

    highend-electronics, Inc. at T.H.E. Show January 2010 in Las Vegas

    The San Francisco Bay, where the California Audio Show will take place

    VALVET soulshine & A3.5

    New products:

    Synergistic Research MiG
    Mechanical Interface Grounding

    The new MiG component footers deliver vast improvements to all systems. Based on the Acoustic ART System resonators, MiG - Mechanical Interface Grounding re-tunes a component's mechanical resonance to an even order harmonic, while providing fast drain of mechanical energy to ground. Result is a larger soundstage with a lower noise floor for blacker backgrounds, sweeter highs with extended air, a more layered and relaxed mid-range, deeper and tighter bass. Especially effective on digital components.

    The price is $150.00 for a set of three. Our Introductory Offer is $119.00 while stocks last...


    VALVET blocks L2 tube pre-amp

    Customer feedback: "...outstanding preamplifier! The L2 sounds fantastic, and the fit and finish is amazing! I could not be more pleased!"

    The new version of the Valvet blocks L2 preamplifier operates with just one dual triode of the Type 6SN7 per channel. The circuit topology employed has a number of advantages - low distortion without feedback, excellent linearity and low output impedance and is as simple as it gets with shortest possible signal path made of pure silver.

    With the brand new external universal power supply (VUPPS) hum interference is ruled out. The VUPPS is a piece of art on its own. It can be used for all Valvet pre- and phono-amps and you can choose and change the rectification yourself - either valve or solid state rectification. The customer feedback for the L2 so far is compelling and we think Knut Cornils has done it again - he created a piece of hifi gear that has the potential to become a classic!

    The L2 provides 6 inputs and 3 outputs, and the price is $3575.00. It's also available with MM and MC phono-pre.

    Summer Sale:

    HiFi-Tuning fuses SUMMER SALE

    It's time again for a big Summer Sale on HiFi-Tuning fuses from Germany. Their fuses have won many awards and the latest development, the SilverStar, is even better. Since a few months the SilverStar is also available in the large version 6.3x32mm (1.25") and we think this one is the best fuse on today's market! Simply awesome.

    Until August 31st 2010 we offer $10.00 off on all large and $5.00 off on all small fuses. The summer prices are $34.95 small SilverStar, $39.95 large gold plated and $49.95 the large SilverStar.

    The new HiFi-Tuning SilverStar large

    KR Audio Kronzilla SXi
    Consensus Audio Conspiracy in Walnut Burl
    Alto-Extremo's absorber feet
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