digital-terminator "75 ohm"
Open, non-detachable and unused digital outputs and inputs (S/PDIF) on CD-Players, CD-Transports or DACs generate reflections. These reflections become overlayed as returning waves to the main signal. Unfortunately this produces digital diffusion and worsens the overall sound quality. A 75 Ohm resistor within an RCA phono plug for the termination of the unused digital output or input can avoid this problem. The result is a more accurate, cleaner and well-balanced sound.

A shielded, top-quality Neutrik RCA phono plug with gold plated contacts and a Vishay precision metal-film resistor ensure the exact termination of your digital output. The RCA plug is compound-filled in order to avoid vibrations and cryogenically treated. The digital-terminator is a must-have item, especially given its' price! A big improvement in the sound for a small investment!

Review at by Andy Fawcett (March 2009):
"... a harmonically richer presentation and a smoother, tighter and fuller sound, fractionally increased resolution, that sort of thing."
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Customer feedback:

"...after listening my CD player before and after the installation of this rca plug, i couldn't believed how this small connector can upgrade & transform the sound of an excellent CD player. I wasn't prepare for this huge improvement. Congratulations!! Highly recommended!!!!!"

"...the Digital Terminator arrived today. Initial reactions to it effect on my system are very positive, very similar to upgrading cables. Much more detail and imaging is much tighter. The Terminator is beautifully constructed too!"

"...the tweak really works. It was the Digital 75ohm RCA plug that I bought for my SACD player. The improvement was immediately obvious...."

"...have to tell that I absolutely love what placing one of them in the unused digital output of my CD/SACD player has done for my system and listening pleasure."

"...was a little skeptical beforehand but i must admit it makes a big difference to the sound which seems to be more analogue than digital now! Just what I was looking for."

"The digital output plug which I purchased from you has had a massive effect on my system - the sound so much better in every respect.... "

"...I took it out and the sound while good, lost placement, detail and air, and that bottom end became blah and lacking definition... I could not believe the improvement..."

"The best low cost cd player tweak EVER!! Thanks Alfred!!"

"...the single biggest bang for the buck I have found in over 40 years of audio purchases, digital and analog."

" with them for a month and pull just the digital terminator and you lose natural detail, placement, etc. This is one of the best improvements in my system in awhile. Once you catch the improvements it as good as a better power cord or cables…in fact I think you really gain more across the board."

"The 75 Ohm Digital Terminator indeed drops the noise floor, and improves the overall performance of your CD player....Get One!!!"

"The digital-terminator really works, I noticed a subtle improvement in the noise floor and a more accurate and detailed sound..."

"...with the terminator used the image is more laid back, vocal detail is better as well as body to voices."

"...everything improved, bass detail was better as well as the weight of the instruments. Speed was back and PACE, good before much better with the terminator back in place."

"...I was over at a friend's last week. He has his Mark Levinson DAC and transport hooked up with balanced connections and he tried your digital-terminator "75 ohm" in the RCA jacks. The difference in sound floored me. It was like a $5000 upgrade, and I'm not exaggerating! They removed so much distortion. I could hear the difference with the first piano note. Instead of a harsh ding, I heard the attack, the texture surrounding the string, and the decay. Digital never sounded so natural and analog-like on his system. Vocals sounded less like electronic reproduction and more like Tori Amos singing. The terminator didn't add any warmth — rather, more warmth was revealed once the noise was removed. No doubt, the biggest bang for the buck in high-end audio. To put things in context, my friend owns a very high-end system (SET amp, First Sound pre, etc.) so the terminator simply revealed more of the system's potential."

analog-terminator "shortie"
Similar to digital inputs, unused analog inputs on your power amp, pre-amp or integrated amp act as aerials for RFI, polluting the circuit and degrading the overall sound performance of your hifi system. Plug in our analog-terminator "shortie" and you will get reduced distortion, lower background noise and a cleaner and well-balanced sound.

A shielded, cryogenically treated, top-quality Neutrik RCA phono plug with gold plated contacts will shorten your unused inputs on your power amp, pre-amp or integrated amp. Do not use the "shorties" on any amplifier output !

Review at by Andy Fawcett (March 2009):
"...and yes, they brought about a sonic improvement that easily surpassed my modest expectations. There was a cleaner, clearer feel to the soundstage – not really extra resolution as such, more of a ‘tidier’ presentation."
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Customer feedback:

"...these shorties, are, without a doubt, great. I am so happy, as they have made a substantial improvement to my system..."

"...thank you for your analog 'Shorties' which radiate European professional quality and style. That they also perform exactly as promised for the bargain-basement price of $36 for 3 pairs makes them one of the best-ever audiophile bargains! Their installation immediately delivers a no-nonsense, black-contrast background that makes the detail of music more satisfying to hear and easier to follow. Congratulations on developing this elite product!"

"I used to use the Isoclean shorting plugs on the inputs to my preamp. They worked very well, although expensive. I recently switched to the highend-electronics "shorties" plugs. There was a very noticeable difference for the better (a more analog or natural sound). They are also less expensive..."

"...the analog RCA shorting plugs seem to have greatly reduced the random hissing noise in my preamp... the Shorties beat changing tubes, rearranging grounding, etc."

"Wow! More improvement than a $600 power cable!"

"The analog terminators definitely do what your paperwork describes. It definitely tightened up the soundstage without sacrificing detail or losing any of the imaging. I noticed that voices seemed more natural and lifelike...very impressive to say the least!"

"I recently purchased digital and analog Shorties from you with very little expectation to be frank, but have been surprised by how effective they've proven..."

"...the single biggest bang for the buck I have found in over 40 years of audio purchases, digital and analog."

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digital-terminator "75 ohm"
Dimension: The Neutrik RCA plug is approx. 1/2'' in diameter and 1 3/4'' tall and weighs about 0.3 oz.

Price USD 24.90 ea. + Shipping SOLD OUT - AVAILABLE SOON

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analog-terminator "shortie"
Dimension: The Neutrik RCA plug is approx. 1/2'' in diameter and 1 3/4'' tall and weighs about 0.3 oz.

3 pairs = 6 RCA plugs USD 42.00 + Shipping SOLD OUT - AVAILABLE SOON


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