We are proud to offer you outstanding products from these world-class companies and manufacturers.

Voxativ from Germany, manufacturer of high end full range drivers. Voxativ also crafts loudspeakers in cooperation with a renowned piano manufacturer from Berlin. The synergy of high-tech and 125 years of expierince in crafting pianos culminates in a fantastic loudspeaker series - PI, Ampeggio and Ampeggio Due. The Ampeggio was awarded by Stereophile as "Product of the Year 2011". And in the StereoSound from Japan the Ampeggio Signature received the "Product of the Year 2013 Award".

Langerton from Germany, designs and manufatures phase-corrected loudspeakers, cables, component and speaker stands, room acoustic devices, absorbing and decoupling feet and bases. All this crafted to the highest standards with best available parts and cutting-edge technology and engineering. Head of research and development is Norbert Heinz, one of the most brilliant minds in the speaker industry for about 30 years and former owner of Ascendo.

Contrast Audio from Kiev in the Ukraine, manufacturing its own highly linear drivers and speaker systems of the highest sound quality. This high sound quality is created by use of Contrast Audio's special design. Cabinets, drivers and crossovers are all hand-made - design, construction, assembly and high-quality piano lacquer finish is built to very high standard. Contrast Audio loudspeakers are exceptionally affordable - this is only possible because we're cutting out the dealer network. These prices are Importer Direct Prices !

VALVET High-End Amplification, a company from Germany, has evolved a distinctive architecture of Class A modules using high-quality components in minimal designs, featuring tube pre-amplifiers with separate power supply and solid-state mono-block power amplifiers.

Wall Audio, a company in Freiburg in Germany was founded by Andreas Wall more than 25 years ago. Wall Audio is specialized in all-tube, no-feedback, pure Class-A designs like pre-amps with seperated power supply, single ended triode mono-blocks, single ended triode and push-pull integrated amplifiers and all-tube phone stages. Crafted by hand with top components, such as Mundorf capacitors, Vishay resistors, pure silver wiring.

KR Audio Electronics, located in Prague, the Czech Republic, is the world leader in the production of low-frequency power triodes and hi-end audio equipment and currently builds 15 different tube amplifier models for all tastes in Hi-Fi, including two completely solid state sets and 12 different tube models. KR is renowned world-wide as the inventor of the Kronzilla amps and the T-1610 tube, which is the largest and most powerful audio tube ever made!

High Fidelity Cables, located in Plano, Texas was founded by former owner of Virtual Dynamics Cables, Rick Schultz. High Fidelity offers a new exciting range of audio cables featuring greater clarity and lower distortion. High Fidelity Cables are a brand new development which employs magnetized conductors and connectors with amazing results.

Aurorasound is a company from Yokohama, Japan. Designer and director Shinobu Karaki has 28 years expierience working for Texas Instruments Japan Inc. He is also a passionate musican, music teacher and an audiophile first grade since many years. Aurora's latest development is a fantastic phono-stage named VIDA (Vinyl Disk Amplifier). State of the art semiconductor technology and innovative technology combined with old-world craftmanship makes this phono amplifier outstanding in many respects.

SoundWave Turntables is a company from Berlin, Germany. Aiming for perfection in analog music reproduction the company's goal is to design a turntable and tone arm that is able to reproduce music as close as possible to a live music experience. At the same time it should be easy to handle for its owner. After 8 years of development Oliver von Zedlitz, designer and owner of SoundWaves Turntables (KlangWellen Manufaktur) releases the Cantano series which is now available in the US.

ViV laboratory Ltd. is a company from Yokohama in Japan. Designer and director is Mr. Koichiro Akimoto. ViV Lab. designs and manufactures speakers, amps and accessories of extraordinary design and quality. ViV Lab's innovative products are a result of Mr. Akimoto's outside-of-the-box thinking. ViV Lab's latest product is a tonearm of remarkable performance with unusual and very innovative features.

Highend-Novum is a company from Germany, founded by Michael Jungblut, that has made unique innovations in the field of room acoustics and resonance technology with products handmade from bell bronze, such as the PMR (Passive Multi-Vocal Resonator) and more...

GregiTek from Italy, manufacturer of high end isolation footers, platforms, component racks, speaker stands and cables. With over 40 years experience with industrial vibration control, designer Gregorio Giust has applied his engineering skills to unique resonance control designs fantastically finished and handmade in the finest Italian art.

CA Electronics, a manufacturer based in The Netherlands. CA Electronics is an award winning Dutch manufacturer of isolation and damping devices hand-made from ceramics, speakers, stands and connectors. The products are very affordable and extremely cost effective. More information and details coming soon. For now please click on the logo to check out CA Electronics website.

HiFi Tuning, a company based in Germany. HiFi-Tuning is very well-known in Europe for manufacturing high quality audio-grade fuses and other accessories. The HiFi-Tuning gold-plate-over-silver fuses have won many awards and have been tested and have received great reviews from experts in the audiophile community and press. Now, 2011, the Supreme fuses made their market debut and are considered as the world's best fuse.

Essence of Music is a company from Plano in Texas. Essence of Music is a highly effective two-step cleaning and polishing solution for digital disks, like CD, SACD, DVD, BluRay... The sound improvement with Essence of Music is superior to any other cleaning and polishing solutions.

The SID is precision manufactured in Germany and is the most well-loved and widely used CD Mat in Europe.

WA-Quantum from Berlin, Germany is a manufacturer of high technology products. Among their products are this line of “Chips” operating at a sub-atomic Quantum level, which improve the efficiency of current flow and signal transmission in audio devices including fuses, capacitors, phono cartridges and tonearms, transformers, transducers, loudspeakers and audio cables.

Kemp Elektroniks, a company located in Amsterdam, Holland, manufactures products focusing on the mains. Kemp Elektroniks also produces the revolutionary SR Plug that is based on the Schumann Resonance theory and counteracts the effects of RFI and EMI pollution.

Chisto, a company from the Ukraine that has developed a special disk cleaning and improvement system for CDs, SACDs, DVDs and BLU-RAY disks with astonishing results. The word "Chisto" is the Russian word for "clean". CHISTO's latest product is the "Easy Grove" - a fantastic treatment for vinyl records.

highend-electronics, originated in Austria, now located in California. highend-electronics is the developer and manufacturer of the renowned digital and analog termination plugs used in many high-end audio systems all over the world.

Synergistic Research, located in California, has been around for many years developing cables through objective measurements, advanced active technologies and proprietary cable geometries. The latest developments are the amazing room tuning kit - Acoustic ART the outstanding duplex receptacle - Tesla Plex and the fantastic Universal Speaker and Interconnect Cells.

Audio Magic from Colorado, revolutionary cable and power purifier design has a secret ingredient long favored by music-loving alchemists - purest quality silver. Hand craftsmanship is the hallmark of Audio Magic's approach to power purifier/conditioner and cable design and construction. And now new in 2010 the first real liquid cables on the market.

Shakti Innovations located in California, produces patented devices that absorb and dissipate EMI, RFI and Microwave. Shakti also manufactures the amazing room tuning device, The Hallograph.

Marigo Labs from Washington is the manufacturer of the world's best CD mat - the Marigo Evolution Signature. This CD mat utilizes a revolutionary and proprietary gold surface on top and optically absorbent green. This synergistically creates a new level of performance for both audio and video digital replay.

Walker Audio from Pennsylvania doesn't need a long introduction. Walker Audio is world famous for their wide variety of very effective tweaks and of course their amazing turntable.

ahp - Audiophile Hifi-Products, a company based in Germany and owned by the German sound-tinker Andreas Jungblut. Developer and manufacturer of such great products like the Feinsicherung II (The Critial Link) - one of the best high-end fuses, the Klangmodul (high-end circuit breaker) and the amazing Klangtuch III (anti-static cloth).

Quantum Physics from the USA manufactures passive noise reduction modules that directly enhance the performance of audio/video components by attenuating potentially EMI and RFI pollution.